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Write Your Story to Prompts (Non-Fiction)

Mondays, 10 a.m. to noon. Begins June 3, 2024
Carol Leonetti Dannhauser
Seven weeks, $395

You should write the story of you. Everybody tells you so. Or maybe it’s just that voice in your head, telling you what you already know: You have a meaningful story to tell and it’s high time you got it on the page. But with a lifetime of memories, including those important events, how do you corral the moments that should be shared? How do you find just the right anecdotes to shed just the right insight into your memoir or personal story?

This seven-week course will help you discover them. Participants write in class to a series of connected prompts designed to elicit meaningful anecdotes crucial to telling the story of you. The workshop is designed to generate stories you can later craft, revise and polish for personal essays, blog posts or memoir writing.

Fairfield County Writers’ Studio co-founder Carol Leonetti Dannhauser is a writer, journalist and editor whose work appears in print, online and on television. She has written for dozens of national publications including the New York Times; produced documentaries for PBS and National Geographic; and was recognized by the Obama White House for her online magazine work. She is the author of four non-fiction books; has been nominated for three Emmys; and has a closet full of awards for her magazine, television and newspaper stories, as well as her flash fiction and photography.

Carol holds two bachelors’ degrees from the University of Connecticut and a master’s in journalism from Columbia University. She was selected as a Master Teaching Artist (Writing) by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and, in 2016, co-founded the Fairfield County Writers’ Studio.

This workshop can be taken in-person at the Fairfield County Writers’ Studio in Fairfield, CT, or on Zoom. Your choice!

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