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The Art and Craft of Novel Writing

Tuesdays, 12:30-2:30 p.m. EST; Starts May 14, 2024
Stephanie Lehmann
Seven weeks, $395, Limited to Six Participants.

Writing a novel involves creating a world populated by compelling characters while making sure every moment brings the story to its fullest potential. We’ll develop the skills to make that happen. Approaches to plotting will receive special attention. Other topics include voice, point of view, dialogue and more.

Perhaps you’ve already sketched out some characters or jotted down some scenes. Maybe you’ve written a few chapters — or none at all. Maybe you are well into your work. This workshop will help you proceed from where you are, whether that’s at Square One or somewhere along the way.

Each student will have a chance to submit one chapter, or about ten pages of work, every other week. These pages will be read by everyone in advance. Expect lively and friendly discussions by a small, supportive group.

Appropriate for genre and literary fiction.

Acclaimed novelist and awesome teacher Stephanie Lehmann leads this workshop. Stephanie’s most recent novel, ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE (Simon and Schuster), was selected by Library Journal as a best novel in 2013, and by Kirkus Reviews for best summer reading. Stephanie worked for many years as a literary agent and editor at the Elaine Koster Literary Agency.

Stephanie’s earlier novels include THE ART OF UNDRESSING (Penguin), YOU COULD DO BETTER (Penguin), ARE YOU IN THE MOOD (Kensington), and THOUGHTS WHILE HAVING SEX (Kensington). Her work has been translated into Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Chinese, and German. She has taught novel writing at Mediabistro and at, where her essays have been published.

This workshop can be taken in-person at the Fairfield County Writers’ Studio in Fairfield, CT, or on Zoom. Your choice!

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