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Summer Writing Retreats 2024

SESSION ONE: Monday, July 22, to Thursday, July 25. SESSION TWO: Monday, August 12, to Thursday, August 15
Studio Staff
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; $60 per day, $200 for four days; (+$20 per day for lunch, optional)

REGISTER HERE Please note requested sessions/days when you register.


Why spend time and money going away for a summer writing retreat when you can get the same or more accomplished at a retreat here in fabulous Fairfield?

At the Fairfield County Writers’ Studio, you can work on your project without distractions, interruptions or lessons. We supply the space, the snacks, the coffee, structure and community. You share your writing hopes and intentions for the day, then find a spot to work on your piece/s as you see fit.

Various workspaces accommodate your needs: comfy chairs or stiff-backed, isolated in quiet or around a community table, dreaming out a window or staring at a screen. Maybe a combination of all. You decide. We can accommodate you.

Feel free to bring your own lunch, stroll to a nearby restaurant (there are many!) or hunker down and have us take care of that as well ($20 per day extra).

Arrive by 9 a.m. for bagels, introductions and intentions. Writing time begins at 9:30 a.m. sharp. You may sign up for one day or four days, whatever works for you.

Limited to 6 writers per day.
Session 1: Monday, July 22, to Thursday, July 25
Session 2: Monday, August 12, to Thursday, August 15
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; $60 per day, $200 for four days; (+$20 per day for lunch, optional)
REGISTER HERE Please note requested day(s) when you register.

The Studio is in the Fairfield Arts District, one block from the Metro-North train station and a minute from I-95. Lots of restaurants in walking distance!

From one of our favorite writers, the late Alex McNab, who regularly attended summer writing retreats at The Studio:

A country songwriter once wrote, “If the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.”

When you spend time at a writers’ retreat at the Fairfield County Writers’ Studio, the phones don’t ring. The dog doesn’t need to go out. The refrigerator doesn’t beckon. And, if you say “No” when Carol asks you if you want the Wi-Fi password, the internet doesn’t lie in wait. 

The result? You get a lot of writing done. I spent two days on retreat this at the FCWS. The uninterrupted time has enabled me to make important progress revising the troublesome third quarter of my novel.

On a recent edition of NPR’s Diane Rehm Show, author Delia Ephron said, “The third quarter of a book is so hard. It’s like being in the desert with no water. . . .You’re just like crawling through the sand.  I think I’m never going to get out.” Me, too. Until I visited the oasis that is the FCWS on those one-day retreats.

Paying a reasonable fee to work away from home is a commitment to getting my novel completed. Working where other writers nearby are doing the same thing—writers to whom you stated that day’s goal at the beginning of the retreat session—is an energizer and an incentive. Spending six hours alone with my book (Carol makes sure we take a lunch break) is an investment in myself as a writer that already has paid meaningful dividends of refinement of my story and satisfaction in my psyche.

—Alex McNab 

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