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PRE-SUMMER SAMPLER: I Want to Write an Indie Series. Now What?

Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to Noon ET, June 18 and 25
Jason Cicci
2 sessions, $110. Limited to seven participants. (Can be taken in-person or on Zoom.)

Has your family, circle of friends or job situation ever made you think This would make a great series? If so, how do you actually go from idea to indie series screenplay? 

This two-part introduction will help you figure out where to start.

Ongoing experiences can be the ideal impetus to explore specific themes, allow characters to grow, and offer a particular perspective or point of view. First, you’ll need to create specific characters; craft insightful, informative dialogue; map out storylines; determine tone and figure out how make your script producible.

Indie series writer/producer Jason Cicci can help. He’ll help you write a logline for your project, figure out your characters, begin crafting a pilot episode, help you begin a series “bible” for one season or beyond and more.

Jason’s award-winning original series “He’s With Me” has been a popular Web show since it debuted and continues to gain viewership 21 episodes later. His latest series, “Cady Did,” starring Tony Award-winner Cady Huffman, was nominated for 12 Indie Series Awards, winning five, including Best Comedy Series. He is also the writer/producer of the award-winning indie series “Searching for Sylvie.”

Other onscreen works include “A Conversational Place,” which won Best Screenplay, as well as the shorts “Superfriends,” “New Year’s Eve at Sunny’s,” “The Whisperer,” “Lipstick Ladies” and “Relatable Joy.”.  

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