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How to Master Dictation for Writers: Get your words on the page the easy way

Wednesdays, Noon to 1:30 p.m., EST; Begins July 15, 2020
Tessa Smith McGovern
Five weeks, $250 Virtual, via Zoom

Do you have piles of notebooks filled with story snippets, outlines and notes written in longhand?

Do you imagine stories when you’re out and about, only to have them disappear when you’re at your screen and ready to write?

Do you wish you could talk out your stories, instead of attaching yourself to your keyboard and screen?

If so, dictation could be your answer.

Getting started with dictation may seem daunting, and the options, tools and techniques are endless: What’s the cheapest and best way to record? Should you use special software like Dragon? Should you dictate directly onto the computer screen or use a recorder? Can you use your phone? How do you transcribe the words? How can you be sure you won’t lose what you’ve recorded? How can you generate new material?

In this 5-week class on Zoom, novelist and writer Tessa Smith McGovern will lead you step by step through a thoughtful but simple, cost-effective method for dictating your new words, just as she does. By the workshop’s end, you will have freed yourself from the desk, and you’ll know how to save your eyes, increase your daily word count, and wrangle those endless notebooks full of handwritten stories!

Please have 2 devices for class: 1 to record your voice (phone/iPad/computer/digital voice recorder/Dictaphone), and 1 to access the Zoom class online (phone/iPad/computer).
If you need help or have any questions prior to the workshop, feel free to call or email the Studio.

Tessa is an award-winning writer whose linked short story collection, LONDON ROAD: LINKED STORIES, is an Amazon best-seller and gold medal winner in the 2012 eLit Awards. Her non-fiction book, COCKTAILS FOR BOOK LOVERS (Sourcebooks), is also an Amazon best-seller. Her many publication credits include the Connecticut Review and the English Arts Council at the Southbank Centre, London. She is currently at work on a contemporary fantasy novel inspired by British mythology.

In addition to co-founding the Fairfield County Writers’ Studio, Tessa teaches at The Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College. Read more about her at

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