Navigating the Path to Publication

  • Fridays, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Begins September 20, 2019
  • Kim Caldwell Steffen
  • Seven weeks, $385, Limited to Six Participants

You finished writing your book. Or so you think. What’s next on the path to publication? Our editor-in-residence, Kim Caldwell Steffen, can guide you through it.

Kim has edited more than 350 titles—fiction, memoir, and nonfiction—for traditional publishing houses, as well as Amazon’s self-publishing platform CreateSpace/Kindle, for local and national authors and more. In this workshop, she will shepherd you through a pre-submission checklist designed to get your manuscript in the best shape possible so that you can shop it to agents and publishers, or publish it yourself. She demystifies issues that can muddle your manuscript or stymie your shopping.

Each week, Kim will examine your manuscript through the eyes of a professional, with supportive and constructive feedback from others around the table. Using your work, as well as real-life examples culled from decades in the editing business, we’ll make sure opening pages offer an engaging and compelling peek at the action to come. We’ll examine genres and book length. We’ll trace your plot and subplot arcs to make sure they are satisfying and they work as hard as they can for your book. We’ll talk about common grammar and punctuation problems as well as writers’ tics and blind spots, and we will polish dialogue. Finally, we’ll make sure your manuscript is properly formatted for submission. In this workshop, you’ll gain confidence that your book is ready submit to agents, and you’ll learn how to find the right agent for your book!

This workshop is ideal for writers who have completed their manuscript, or are in the process of revising a first or subsequent draft. Participants who sign up at least one week in advance may send Kim their first chapter ahead of time so that she can focus on issues specific to each manuscript.